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Allow me to preface this review: I realize I under-performed, but the situation was handled poorly. I worked at the DG on Pleasant Ridge, run by a man named James, while attending college.

My work load this semester has been stressful, and I've been suffering from depression. As a result, I engaged in a "friendly" manner with customers less, though I would neither be rude to them whatsoever. I am NOT a rude person. Really, my only issue was that I wasn't smiling as often as my coworkers.

My problem started when one of the key holders, Heather, started treating me differently from the others. She would sigh heavily whenever I needed her help with something, even the issues that were not my fault at all. Her distaste for me was especially prevalent when my coworkers came in to replace me when my shift was over, at which point her unfriendliness towards me was replaced by exuberant extroversion towards them. I didn't understand why.

It was strange, too, because she would blast Christian music at work every Sunday, making myself and the non-religious customers uncomfortable. Around that time also, James had started to reduce my hours to an unlivable wage. I left him a note and an email telling him I needed more hours, but did not receive a reply for weeks, nor did my coworkers tell me the reason when I asked - although I'm certain Heather new exactly why. The reason was that customers were calling in, because they mispercieved my natural facial expressions or body language as "rude." I can understand why James should be concerned, but reducing the wage of workers who actually DO their work and NEVER telling them the reason why is a terribly inefficient way of running a business.

I would have made more of an attempt to perform better if he had told me IMMEDIATELY when it first became an issue, or if he wanted to fire me immediately, fine; I could have spent that time looking for work elsewhere. The result of his cowardice to resolve the issue was that I was unintentionally making customers uncomfortable, humiliatingly and unknowingly reduced to an unlivable wage, and James was simply allowing it!

I am not the only worker at one of his stores who was under-performing either. Employees who ARE STILL THERE are under-performing worse than what I was accused of, but instead of actively trying to fix the problem, James has resolved to inconveniencing himself, his employees who are unaware of their under-performance, and the customers who still have to deal with them.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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WOW!!! Stop blaming the world for your problems.

You created this situation and only you can fix it. Own up to your part in this world and deal with it.

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