Very dissapppointed with the way a n assistant manager at this store, Eduardo Castro treated me today Saturday 05/25/2013 between 6:30 and 7:00 PM

1) I came in to complain that 2 weeks ago the store sold me a bottle of ONE DAILY vitamin supplements that had long expired on 07/2011.

2) When I asked him why the store sold expired stuff, he said he was not the one who sold them to me and that he wasn't there.

3) i told him that was a lame excuse which I did not deserve as a customer.

4) he insisted on a receipt to which I told him I did not have. He said in that case he could not help me.

5) i insisted that something should be done and he said I should call 888-237-4114 for help.

6) At this point he seemed very annoyed and was disrespectfully abrupt when I spoke to him.

7) i called the number and spoke to Anna in customer services. I told her of my dilemma and she confirmed the bottle was purchased from the store and that i could be reimbursed or could switch for a fresh bottle.

8) initially I was quite satisfied with the result and the way Anna had handled it.

9) I exchanged my bottle for a new one. He snatched the old one from my hand with his faced turned away.

10) before I left the store I asked him if he could give me a receipt or some confirmation of our new transaction.

11) he told me that because I didnt have a receipt why should he give me one I said it was only proper but he blatantly refused.

12) i requested for my bottle back because now I felt I was being disrespected and wanted to report this attitude.

13) He told me, lied to me that he had destroyed my original bottle and would now retreive it.

14) I insisted and now tempers were flarring and voices rising.

15) i called customer services again and spoke to Rosie. I told here about Eduardo's attitude and my displeasure. He came up to me a put his face barely 6 inches away manacingly trying to intimidate me.

16) i told Rosie my issue and he then threatened to call his District Manager.

17) i requested from Rosie to get my bottle back.

18) she asked for him on my phone and instrcted her to return he bottle.

19) he reached down in a cupboard or was it a trash can and retreived the bottle he had purpotadly destroyed.

20) i took my bottle and we wished each other good night and I left.

I was wronged firstly by being sold expired stuff, which in itself is not a small issue, but to have that compounded by rudeness uncouth behaviour certainly is not acceptable to e and I am sure to any of your customers.

Waiting to hear from you.


Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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He sounds like he is unhappy with his pathetic life as an assistance mgr at a dollar store. He probably needs food stamps since he is a loser. I recommend posting a review on Google maps.

Los Angeles, California, United States #656223
Lol well everything is recorded on camera anyway.

Firs thing you should have said was the item was expired and you wanted a refund. That would have solved all the other *** and cut the chase. Dur. :roll

Depending on the store's policy it's not their obligation to check if vitamins are expired. It's actually yours to make sure the item your picking up isn't expired to avoid headaches such as this. As a customer I ALWAYS check if an item is expired or not before purchasing it. Because sometimes but not all the time inventory may or may not have removed expired items.

Anyway sounds like a crappy store. Manager is a ***. You got your money back now next store please. A receipt should always be handed to a customer regardless. The stores keep one of every purchase made so it's not like he couldn't give you one. He just didn't feel like it.

Also it depends on your attitude too. If you come in acting like a *** don't expect others to stretch their neck out for you. Not professional at all and if he diiiid put his face in your face you should send a formal complaint haha.

Sounds strange he threatened to call his district manager! Perhaps it was you who said this instead of him? The DM is there to make sales and make sure those sales go through. Employees are on their last of the list.

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