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i have worked for Dollar General for almost five years. i worked as the asst.

manager for 7 months before they made it offical. I was doing the trucks, venders, deposits, making sure the sore had change, time cards, ect. i was doing everything my manager was suppose to do but i did it. The store i worked at was a training store.

The manager Matt told me he would teach me how to complete the paper work and what needed to be done on the computer, so i would be ready to manage a store on my own if a opening became open. Well he just kept putting me off. He is suppose to close the store atleast 2 times a week, in which he doesn't.he leaves the store as soon as a key holder comes in. he only puts in 20 to 30 hours a week.

He will not work on weekends. he makes football bets online on the store computer. He will but blame in anyone but himself. i could get together atleast 7 ex employee's.

that will tell you the truth. Matt will try to cover it up or blame someone else. He needs to stop getting away with his lying, covering his butt ways.

I have had many stores ask me to come work for them. I used to enjoy going

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: PISSED OFF.

I didn't like: Manager.

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IF you have actually had a lot of stores ask to go to work for them why don't you, being you are so unhappy where you are at. There is also a lot of things that the General Manger has to do before and after hours that the average employee isn't aware of.

If they were paid by the hour instead of salaried they wouldn't make any more than minimum wage when you figure the number of hours they work compared to their monthly salary.

Quit whining and take one of the many jobs that you allegedly have been offered. Furthermore this isn't the web site for Dollar General, you are on a general complaint site.

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