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So sick and tired of going in almost every dollar general store that is open for business and you can't shop with all the boxes in all the isles.Hire night time crew to stock your stuff so ppl can shop.

This is a everyday thing at almost every one of these stores. The carts are piled with boxes higher than the shelves and you can't get to anything behind it because they are to dang heavy to move to get to what you need. Clean this problem up in Sulphur and Lake Charles Louisiana because you loosing ppl. Instead of leaving the boxes all over the isles put it on the shelves to sell its plain and simple.

This has become a problem every where and all those carts piled is a law suit waiting to happen. Now you tell me if this is not pothic. It's time for some one to get all this *** cleaned up so ppl can shop. You would have almost sales if it was a easy place to shop.

If you can't unload boxes than leave them in the *** back.

This is a everyday thing we are faced with.Do something about this because your losing business corporate

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of store appearance. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "so much shit in isles you can't even shop!" of dollar general corporation sanitary conditions. Dollar General Corporation needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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Can no one on PissedConsumer spell?


So im going to be an adult and explain this a little.The big carts on the isles are called rotainers?

Not sure i spelt that correct but im sure any grammar police will. There needs to be only two those outs one for the boxes and the other for the actual stock. It makes me sick seeing this. I don't know how anyone could shop threw that mess.

Also there is no such thing as hiring more night crew.Dollar General doesn't want to pay their employees for that

to OceanFall #1402079

They are Aisles!...Isles are little islands.


Overnight stocking would be a great suggestion to our corp office which has and will not see these comments.This page is done by an individual as stated in her blog.

Currently we come in 2-3 hours early to stock.

And stocking continues throughout the day.There is no labor budget for overnight stocking and usually no extra labor to have extra people there to stock.

Please visit www.dollargeneral.com and under contact page you will find contact info.

to Anonymous #1348676

Right!My store had us clock out and then stock until 11:30 at night or else we would lose our jobs!

I was a student struggling to pay for graduation and get things for my cousins whose parents refuse to work, and my coworkers were college students living in Section 8 with small kids!We got no warning about time we had to stay and the one girl's husband did not have access to a phone so he and a child and infant would have to wait in the car for over an hour some nights!

to Anonymous #1365171

Keep doing it then call the labor board on their cheap *** when you quit, because it is illegal for an hourly employee to do any work off the clock.Screw them over like they are screwing you right now.

Just make sure you are done with them when you report them.

Then you can sue for retaliation and get more money.I believe you that they make you do that - just keep careful track of your unpaid hours.

to Anonymous #1400600

That is against company policy, you have to be paid for all hours worked, and any manager who says otherwise can lose their jobs not yours. I am a DG train manager, and my store does not have impacted stores like these others. You need a trained crew to keep a store up

to Jen #1400602

Training store manager I mean lol dang autocorrect

to Anonymous #1402080

Report them to the State. It is illegal for them to have you clock out and work without pay.

to Anonymous #1370528

***, DG never had me come in 2-3 hours early to stock.

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