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January 27,2018. Jones Ave.

Oak Hill, WV. Again, sign says one price, register says another. This isn't the first time. Sign says Christmas $.10.

After spending 20 minutes of my valuable time choosing 16 cards, I go to the register and they ring at $1.00 to$3.50. The clerk turns to another clerk, who is sitting on a crate eating chips,and tells her about the charge. Sitting clerk says she can't over ring it. Clerk asks if she can ring 5 at a time sale.

She was told "no", it would go to corporate. Sorry, I can't believe what was going on. To say I was dis-appointed,is putting it mildley. This happened at approxately 7:15 pm.

Shame, shame,shame. Get it together. Thanks for looking into this R. Rebecca L.

Kelly 1. 1517 oak Forest Rd. O.

Oak Hill, WV. 25901

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It is actually true that they cannot change the price of cards. Cards are a thing called scanned-bassed trade which means dollar general doesn't actually "own" that item, there-for it is not possible to change the price of such item.

The register will not allow it. It is not the employee's fault.

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