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I do business With you allot . I am thankful for you being in my Small town. But As I was Poring My Beans out to soak this evening I herd A strange Sound in the pan , It was a sheet Metal screw! Wow Not Again! I Have A tooth already bad to this type of thing.( Not U , It was it was 20 years ago) I Never Did Any thing about then, But This Time Im Sorta Pissed. So I am Not to Happy. Have Your Vendors Not Herd Of Magnets ? I am From A Ag Background. Things can Happen , But Your beans Need A magnet check Before Bagging , Am I Not Correct?

I was Having Kids And Fam, over Saturday .What If Had not seen Or Herd That..

If I don't Hear From You , You will hear from me.

Ps, It was Clover Valley Pinto Beans.. I Have The sack , The Screw, And the Beans, The Sack has all the info like the LO#.

Shane Johnson

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Contact the company information on the bag. It isn't up to the store to do anything.

I recently had something similar happen with a can of Campbells Chunky Chili and I emailed the company information that was on the can and about a week later a woman from the company called me and wanted to know a little more information, and asked if I still had the item that I found in the chili and when I said I did, she said they would send a special envelope for me to mail it to them and include some coupons for some of their products. A couple weeks later the coupons and the envelope arrived.

This was real easy to do and the problem got solved. When something like what you described and to me, it isn't the store's fault, but it is the manufacturer's fault.

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