I stopped in on my way home from work. I work 3rd shift so it was about 930am.

Ask I walked in I noticed an employee stocking near register so I walked over to register with my bag and receipt in hand. She did come over and ask if she could help me. I said I wanted to return something that doesn't fit. She said "how did you pay for it ?" I said cash and she said "sure not a problem".

The total of the shirt and pants was about 28 bucks. She then said "oh great, now I won't be able to make any change for my real customers because you want a refund". I said if its a problem I can come back later. She said "NO, I said I could do it !" I said you can put it on a store card if that is easier.

I will just spend it on other stuff at a later date. *he again said NO I told you I would do it but now I can't make change. If a measly 28 bucks is going to break your bank or ruin your day I think you are in the wrong business.

And according to her name tag she was the manager. I no longer shop at that store and never will again

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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