Store in Lillian AL always has crates, dollies, boxes (both empty and full), carts and various other items continually blocking isles. In most isles you can not pass by anyone safely, and you have to stand off to the side to let others pass.

Some isles are fully blocked and will become an issue should a fire or other emergency event take place. Isles are very narrow even when not blocked and have customers bumping into each other and tripping over the boxes left in the isles. When I ask management why they can not clear the isles, I am told its the way they are told to stock the isles. Staff are customer friendly and have express concerns for customer safety as well.

Also upon check out cashiers always ask for your change or a donation to their Dollar General charity. Recommend the store spend some money to save a large lawsuit payout due to safety issues by stocking at night and clearing the already small isles at the same time.

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I'm an assistant manager at another Dollar General in Alabama. The store I work at almost always looks this way because we simply don't have the time or people to get everything done.

Usually there are two employees in the store at one time, three at the most. Those employees are responsible for taking care of customers and stocking the shelves among other responsibilities. There is hardly ever enough time to get everything done as we are not allowed to stay late or clock in early. I would never sacrifice customer service just to get other work done and would expect my employees to do the same.

Thus, we simply don't get everything done, sometimes for days on end. The aisles are narrow, they design the stores that way to get the most items in a small space. I agree that it is a safety issue, but I don't have the solution.

The workers are given more work than they can do in a day in the name of saving money. We do our best, but there's only so much we can do.

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All you have to do to avoid an accident is look where you are going. Dollar stores don't have the staff to stock at night like the bid discount stores do.

Furthermore, I hope their isles aren't blocked. Isles are small islands. You should have written aisles. A lot of stores ask for donations to a charity that they are supporting, it is not a big deal.

I think you are just plain in a nasty mood. If you are referring to shopping carts you can always push them out of the way, assuming you aren't more disabled than you think you are.

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