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went to the Dollar General store today , my granson had a cup to put in the trash , the trash can was not there,i told him to put it on the ice machine , figureing they went to empty it ,and they would put it in ther when they got back with the trash can , went into the store to shop , on my way out this man asked my granson if that was his damn cup ,to pick it up and put it in the trash which was in a shopping cart cuz he i'm guessing out there picking up trash for the store not an employee,when he cussed my granson ,i told my granson to get in the car , that man picked up the cup ran to my car and threw it into my car on my granson, him and i had words he hit me with the picker and was cussing me calling me all kinds of names a woman came up to see if i was ok ,and at that time he came back and started curssing her and put his palm to her forehead , she told him if he touched her again she would kick his *** ! he kept on ,another coustomerwent into the store to tell the manager and she came out and said ,this ain't no city dump, mind you it was only a cup, never have to worry about me shopping there again ,i called the cops on this man the cops went to the store and i got no tresspassing charges on me ! real way to run a store ,she 9the manager dose not know who he was ,but i was told it was her husband , use to work at that store as manager and i know you have to pay some one that is doing any kind of work at your store ,sorry forthe messedup words but upset.

Reason of review: crazy man in parking lot !.

Preferred solution: got a police report .

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Just look at it this way, they work at dollar general and not you.


False complaint. Although it's hard to make sense of due to a poor command of the English language. Still, this seems like lawsuit bait.



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