I live in a town where we don't have a grocery store, we have a dollar general and a dollar tree. Seems like the Fort Meade Fl store is putting prices high because they can, Wal Mart is cheaper now than that store, it sucks because we have to drive to another city to get to a real grocery store.

I think it is wrong to charge people like they are doing, I sometimes go to the dollar general market in Mulberry/Lakeland Fl. the prices there are really good. So this is why I no they are raising the prices just to screw the people of the dying town.

I will be making the extra miles to shop somewhere else, I refuse to be charged like that. Sad when you can get a big bag of grated cheese at a convenience store for only five dollars and a little block at your store cost 4 dollars.

Reason of review: and the store is an accident waiting to happen they never have it clean always full in the isles with carts..

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