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I think your store at 5007 N Davis Hwy in Pensacola, FL needs a little attention from your regional supervisor for the area. If I had more options available to me, I would never set foot in that store (or any other DG store for that matter) ever again.

According to my receipt, this is store # 03478. This is the store that hardly ever has ice because the ice machine breaks every other week. This is the store where I pointed out that they had expired items of juice in the cooler, and they next day they were still there (the same can be said for the mayonnaise that, due to an error @ the factory I assume, had no expiration dates listed on the bottle at all). This is the store where I was told they cannot give out any empty boxes because corporate office makes money recycling them (I only asked for two). This is the store where, when I came in @ 10 until close tonight (03/22/16), I was told "we close in 10 minutes...actually make that 6, I want to be out of here right @ 10". This same person once ignored me twice when I asked for assistance because she was so engrossed in a conversation with a friend she couldn't be bothered, and knew the other person working nearby would eventually respond (she was about 3 ft in front of me and doing nothing but chatting away jovially, whereas the other person was about 12 ft away trying to stock/do inventory on the cigarettes). This is the store where the gm was tampering with products, opening up hand soap and shampoo bottles to put security strips inside the product (this is a: illegal, b: disgusting, c: an example of shockingly poor judgement, d: possibly harmful...some of the strips were turning rust colored and bleeding the color out into the product). Apparently enough people made a fuss about that last one, because it was corrected in about a week (one of the cashiers told me that all she did was remove the strips from the bottles, however).

With this sort of mgmt, what is a BBB complaint today, could likely be a lawsuit in the near future.Upper mgmt needs to take a look at the image this store gives the company. The employees need to be more considerate to their customers and present themselves as respectable representatives of the company they work for and behave accordingly.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Sounds familiar. Another thing about Dollar General, is, they're shopping baskets are always filthy. I think they should all be closed down.


One, do not go there at 10 minutes til they close. When it is time for ME to go home, I want to leave at the time I am supposed to.

If YOU have a job, I am sure you feel the same.

Two, no expires on product are the manufacturer fault, not the store. Mayo has a shelf life of 2 years in the store, and up to 2 years after the 'expire date'.

I hardly think you need to worry.

Three, Humans work there. If you think you can do a better job, apply.

to LadyScot #1135162

This. Basically to OP, get over yourself.

You're that one "person" that finds it necessary to come in at 6 minutes until closing to ensure I get home later than I have to after dealing with hundreds of entitled people like you all day. Maybe if you spent a little more time on yoursrlf and a little less time worrying about the local DG, your life would be happier and have meaning.

to LadyScot #1142196

You don't have to be so offended, Someday you might wake up and smell the coffee.. In the mean time, just remember, try checking some of the expiration dates, in leisure time. And say hi to you're hard working co-workers , ha ha.

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