Over the past few months i have noticed that your store, on 400 N Patrick St in Dublin TX, has either been trashed, deserted or only has one employee running around trying to do 100 things alone. No one in the store seems to know how to restock, an elderly woman whom goes in there every week for products she can only get there has to wait until the employees get the O.K.

from the manager to go and unload things from the back that have been back there for only god knows how long, and yet when they do unload there merchandise its almost 3 days to its expiration date. Yet a month or so ago when one of your supervisors came down the place was full of busy bees, and when he left a lot of the employees left leaving only one employee in to work until closing.

The manager has only been seen in the store at most once a month in the store and is mostly heard demanding the employees pick up the slack. Truth is most of the employees only show up when it is in their best interest and the ones who do show up and try to do their job are either the elderly ladies who work there fingers to the bone, or a few of the employees with nothing else to do.

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