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My husband and I stopped by Dollar General Saturday night to pick up a drink. As soon as we walked inside the mananger shocked us by running up to us yelling we are closing you need to get what you came to get and hurry cause we are closing!!!

my husband said well what time do you close the door has 10:00pm. She disrespectfully said we are closing at 9:30 ( it was 9:25) and our cooperate office knows we are closing. I was highly upset at this point because of her out right nasty attitude. I said you did not have to speak to us in that manner she cut me off by saying I was just getting ready to lock the door before yall came in.

I said thats no reason for your attitude to be so nasty . She said mama we have just been robbed so thats why we are closing. I said I don't care!!! You don't come at people like that you are very rude.

She said and so are you mama then she walked to the back of the store. (OMG who acts like that) We got our drink. I asked the cashier for her name she told me Miss Sally or something like that. The mananger came back to unlock the door looking as if she didn't have a care in the world.

My husband & I had no words we couldn't beleive how us going in the buy a drink turned.

Question If they were robbed wouldn't the police had been there to close the store down for the night? No police were there. Her attitude was so nasty I had no sympothy even if they were robbed. She was ugly....

It burns me up people being mean to innocent people and being ok with it....thats the mind of a theif taking from innocent and having no caring cares for the actions they take. All we did was walk in the store to get a have to encountier such behavior was uncalled for. I will Never go back to that store again. 2 people knocked on the door a 3 drove off seeing they weren't getting inside.

Thats business being lost because, they were ready to go home. I'm still upset because I was caught off guard with foolishness.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

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They were waiting on other customers when we walked in . Who runs a register if you've been robbed.

You need to comprehend before you fly off the handle not knowing what your talking about. That's not her company she can'nt open and close when she gets ready who does that....

And has the nerve to be ugly behind it. You need to get a life I came to the cite to make a report.


R u crazy..... Can u not understand that it was a lie!

She was ready to leave. Your life is so great that you come to this cite for what ... U need a life.

I don't have sympathy for somebody that makes up lies for personal gain. The police would have been there you ***!


She was just robbed, and here you are complaining to her! I would be rude to you as well.

You didn't even care if anyone was hurt, the only thing you cared about was the manner of which this lady spoke to you. What a loser you are, and I feel sorry for you.

Nobody would care about loosing $1.00 because they turned a customer away who just wanted a drink versus all the other money the lost because they were just robbed. GET A LIFE and get over it.

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