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On 11/8/2013, I went in to buy a few items at the store #07292 and there were 4 employees up front by the registars talking about another employee. Didn't think anything of it til I had to go to the back of the store and still was able to hear them talking neg.

about the other employee who was not there. Claiming of possible theft, not showing up to work, etc. They were not acting professional at all. Complaining about anything and everything.

One of the girls was on the check out side and in street clothes but was an employee. Very unappropriate and unprofessional!!! At the time I was in there a bunch of older people was in there and I was looking for a product on the shelf and he looks at me and says, "Can you believe they are acting like children"?

The store needs organized!!

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What the employees are doing isn't any of your business unless it pertains directly to you. When you are shopping, concentrate on that and not what the employees are discussing.

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