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The Dollar General located in Lanett Alabama has a problem with cleaning their store and parking lot. When I speak with Derick he says they don't have enough employees.

The mess creates issues for other businesses that are cleaning up for Dollar General so that our property does not look like theirs. This has been a problem for a long time, I have spoke with several District and Area Managers that claim to handle the problem.

If the problem was handled I wouldn't still be calling every couple of weeks!!! There has to be people that need a job that would be willing to take pride in the store that they manage!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Parking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Keep your property clean at all times.

I didn't like: Filthy, Store appearance.

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Anderson, Indiana, United States #1260702

It's true, Dollar General gives the absolute minimum amount of wage to get a RIDICULOUS amount of work done. Trust me, when stores look like dumps, it is not because the employees are lazy...

it is bc dollar general does not give us enough hours and people to get everything we have to get done, done. It is pretty much slave labor for the amount you get paid and the amount they expect you to get done. there is a reason DG has high injury rate... we literally run ourselves ragged in the hope of getting everything we need to get done, done...

so we get injured. Even the hardest working employees get sick of it eventaully, and at a point it is just not worth risking your health... so stores turn into dumps. It is a HUGE problem that Corporate does not seem to care about...

bc after all... they have stated in meetings "honestly... the company makes their money off of wages..." so that basically means...

extremely under staffed stores and underpaid employees. It is a *** company.

Orange, California, United States #983251

Also it does not matter if you post as anonymous or not I doubt that you are using your real name.


It is a Dollar General store plus it's in Alabama. That's the best you can possibly hope for in that cesspool of inbred backwoods lowlifes. Move north.


If you don't like it stay away from there. The pictures don't look that bad to me.

Most of the messes made in parking lots are caused by the customers. They think it doesn't matter if they throw trash on the ground.

Don't you think that if the mess was actually as bad as you think it is that some of the city employees would do something about it, in the line of code enforcement or something?

to Anonymous #983233

I run a business located next door to this property, I assume you must be an employee of this location since your "Anonymous"... NOOOO this mess was made by the employees at the back door of the location.

This location is outside the city limits. You would think Dollar General would do better!

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #983249

I doubt you run a business. You are not old enough to run a business.

How do I know because only a child would ASSume that if someone tells the person complaining they are wrong they work for the company.

Grow up. Or perhaps you are trying to make your competition look bad?

to Anonymous #983307

Honey, I am no more anonymous than you are. I have never been to Alabama and have no desire to go there.

I am 75 years old partially disabled and the last time I worked in retail was in the early 90s. I still say if the store parking lot, etc.

was the eyesore you THINK it is, city officials would be doing something about it.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #983477

You are acting like a three year old ASSuming that just because someone tells you that they are wrong that they work for the company. I actually used my full name.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #983240


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