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I live in Versailles, In and I used to really like the DG at Versailles. The old cashiers are still friendly but the new Store Management isn't very friendly and I believe the Managers name is Josh.

I was in the store last night ( November 28th around 4PM) and only had to get a few items. When I got to the cash register up front, there was only one cashier and 5 people standing in line. People started to complain and I ask the lady in front of me what was going on and she said that the cashier needed an override before she could finish her transaction. The cashier had called the manager to come to the register for customer assistance a least three times while I was standing there.

The lady in front of me actually yelled for management and still no one came. I stood another minute and then I went looking for the office and was saying Hello until someone yelled that they would be there in a minute. There was a girl and a young man in the office and he was counting a drawer and she was watching. I told the young man that there were people standing in a long line and we have been waiting for a while for some one to come help the cashier that had called for help 3 times while I was in line.

The young man proceeded to tell me that he was counting down a drawer and that he would be there in a few minutes . I went back out and told the other people that were standing in line what he said and they were getting even more upset. It was another couple of minutes before the other cashier showed up and got her drawer going and then she was taking customers. The Manager came out and the lady that was in front of me before said to the manager that there were a lot of people that shouldn't of had to wait as long as they did.

The manager said that he had to count down a drawer for his cashier. I then told the young man that I was going to let corporate know how he ran the front lines and that it was unacceptable to let customers stand in line for as long as all of us did. I was in retail years ago and in management and I know enough that you have a drawer ready for each cashier on each shift. And more than not the store has been a mess!

Dirty floors when you can see them. New floor managers standing around talking and not working. No front and facing done. the check-out counter is a mess and unorganized and not clean.

I really believe in shopping within the community and I really don't like shopping at the Dollar Store down the road due to the rudeness of the workers. So please get some training in the store so it can be a nice and organized place to shop again. I have never complained to a company before, but I felt like this needed to be addressed for the sake of our community. We deserve the best conditions we can get.

With regret to have to send this, Theresa J Hill 6018 State Rd 129 South Versailles, In. 47042 (812) 667-6693

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Pricing, Products, Convinence, Location of your store.

I didn't like: Durtyness of store, Unorganization of new management.

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