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Requested that Chin-eat-ra pull two of the craft paper rolls and I would be there in five minutes. She declined and stated that there was plenty.

Grand children asleep in the car, high crime area could not risk that car would be stolen with family inside. Locked doors after cracking the windows. Went inside, clerk at register stated that I should go down first aisle if not there keep going, I asked her to pull two rolls wen outside turned on a/c waited five minutes no one came to door (parked) directly in front of the door. Stepped inside no other customers Chineatra and Lidia (new employee) going over shelving layouts.

I asked if they were going to get the product. Chineatra told me to go down stationary aisle craft paper on left. I am now angry but still professional. I get product come back and tell Chineatra that clerk (Lidia) sent me down another aisle 3 rows to the left of stationary aisle to which she replied she is new.

Very poor customer service. Even to save gas I will no longer shop at this store. There was no reason for the staff to not comply or at the very least educate the person at the register where to direct me.

Neighborhood store is supposed to support and encourage the neighborhood to shop there. Some of us have transportation and can choose where to spend our money.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

I didn't like: Poor customer service, Lack of concern and fairness.

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First of all, you do NOT leave the kids in the car and go to the store. If it was so important that you get the product right now, wake up the kids and take them in with you.

They may be a little drowsy and cranky but better that than dead.


lol This entitled ***.


You expect way too much. It is NOT the clerks job to do your shopping for you.

Dollar stores aren't that big.

It could not have been that hard for you to find what you were looking for. If I was them, I would have called the police on you for leaving your grandkids in the car.


Dollar General is a terrible company filled with less than desirable employees. I agree with this as I used to work for the company and felt odd surrounded by certain people with no customer service skills.

BUT, this seems to be a case of self entitlement. They don't have enough time to use the potty, let alone cater to demanding individuals such as yourself. Granted, if they said they would do aomething for you, then they should have obliged. Also, please don't ever leave your grandchildren or any child alone in a car, especially a hot car.

If you would have done that at my store, I would have called the police. Shame on you!


Store employees aren't supposed to run errands for people that call in and want them to have something waiting for them at the checkout counter, and then expect the cashier to run it out to them while they sit in the car. I'm sure you didn't need the item so rapidly, that you couldn't wait until your grandkids woke up or until they went home, whichever came first. IF the item you needed was so immediate, maybe you should have done better planning.

to anonymous #1262683

It's called Dollar General, not Burger King, and you may not have it your way. I am an employee and we bust our butts enough to not have someone expecting to be catered to. Also, if craft paper is more important to you than your grandkids, then your priorities are clearly not in order.

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