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The store is a mess nothing on shelves one man trying to stock the manager was standing behind the register talking to a cashier.I ask if they had a scrub brush the manager said let me see where would they be and i replied by the mops but there are none.So she replied if they are not on the shelf they are in the back we don't have time to stock the shelves and went back behind the register. Wow this happened in Big Lake,TX store number #01813 at 8:15am 01-16-2013 there when i arrived i was the only customer there what do you mean you don't have time to stock the shelves get off you're lazy *** and do the job you are paid too do and quit collecting a check I am very pissed off about the service and so is the hole town!

We would have too drive 1 1/2 hr to go to Midland or San Angelo to get what we need! Did I say I' PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I was recently in store 299 located in Midwest City Ok,there were two store employees there was one employee that asked the other a question and the response from the other employee was very fowel language which could be overherd by the customers in the store.She kept saying she had been there the longest and did not have to take f***ing orders from knowone and could do what ever the f***k she wanted to I told the other clerk I am glad I did not bring my kids in.The unprofessional clerks name is Coreon this person needs to be repremended.

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