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Went to store # 12734 for the 3 day sale beginning 11/17/16 specifically for the coke 5/$10. we got 3 Dr Pepper and 2 Cokes when we went through check out we were over charged ..

as we left the store we couldn't figure out why it was so much we did buy extra items but still should not have been that high looked at receipt an noticed we were over charged for the drinks ..went back in to let the cashier fix the problem ..she talked to her supervisor and girl said theyre not part of the sale that actually Dr Pepper could be a Pepsi product ..I told her they were with the other coke products on display and ask her who delivered them to her store ..she said coke delivers .. bottled at coke in Ga .did not offer a refund ..said sorry .I will not shop there again ,this is the 5th time this has happened to me at this store ..i keep giving them chances .. had I not had perishable items in my car from Food City .. I would refunded my order ..

This was the last chance from me I will not be shopping a Dollar General again it will be Family Dollar from now on its just as close ..I could have gotten my drinks at Food City cheaper than Dollar General today .. my receipt number is 12734 03 date 11/17/16 at 09:42:00

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Deal.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Anderson, Indiana, United States #1260698

This is a huge problem... because customers seemingly NEVER read the sign...

Dr. Pepper and coke ARE NOT the same company... Just bc, Dr.Pepper says 5/$10 and coke says 5/$10. it DOES NOT mean you can mix and match.

This *** bs always happens when Pepsi goes on sale. The sign will say PEPSI 12 pack 3/$11... and people always try to mix and match and then get pissed at us and whine saying "it's a pepsi product! I'm privilaged!!!" THE SIGN DOESN'T SAY PEPSI PRODUCT!!!!


WHICH MEANS ONLY PEPSI IS ON SALE YOU DUMB ***!!!!! Not only that The sign says you can't mix and match like JESUS learn how to *** read and stop taking it out on the employees!!!!!!!!!!

And if this has happened to you 5 times that really shows you never actually read the sign and are just dumb af


Dr. Pepper is an independent company...

Dr. Pepper/Snapple.

Most of the time they are not part of the 5 for whatever sales you'll see in any store. I worked for both Coca Cola and Pepsi, trust me, it isnt Dollar Generals fault.

Clarkson, Kentucky, United States #1245824

Dr. Pepper may be bottled at a Coca-Cola bottling facility, however, it is not a Coca-Cola product because Coke doesn't own the right to the formula.


Pepper has regional bottling and distribution contracts with Pepsi and Coke. However, neither of them belong to those to bottlers.

Ridgeland, Mississippi, United States #1245526

lol SMH Wow. Reading is fundamental.

Bellevue, Washington, United States #1242709

Dr. Pepper is owned by the snapple group in the united states, not coca cola bottling company.

Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #1242703

Dr Pepper does not run with the Pepsi or coke sales at dg. It has its own sales.

Spring, Texas, United States #1242540

Hey *** hat, in some locations dr pepper is delivered by coke because of a contract between the companies HOWEVER dr pepper is not made by coke therefore dumb dumb it is not part of the coke promotion sale so your total on the receipt is correct.

to Anonymous #1404821

I dont understand why all grocery stores in the area (even Walmart) where i live consider Dr Pepper a coke product and put it on sale as such, but Dollar General doesnt they consider them seperate. Sounds like DG is the one with the issue!!!

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