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I am absolutely shocked that Dollar General allows everyday dogs to come into their facility. Dogs who are not service animals!

I witnessed a large dog, on a leash, inside the store sniffing at everything at eye level. When the customer got to the checkout counter, the dog had its nose in all of the candy bars that were at its eye level. I think this is absolutely awful! I can see a service animal coming into a store, but I cannot see a large everyday animal coming in with its owner.

I think something should be done about this.

I was told buy a worker that they are not allowed to ask for papers. This is ridiculous!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The service dogs are usually clean and well taken care of and are alot less offensive than many of their stinky, unwashed customers. And the fogs are usually very courteous and polite, not like some of the loud mouthed rude customer who shop at Dollar General.

that's why they are so poor and shop there, what respectable employer would want to have anything to do with a stinky, unwashed, loud-mouthed rude person.

I know that if I was an employer, I wouldn't even consider such people, no matter how desperate I would be to fill a job position. I say, bring all of the cute and clean and courteous service dogs into the sore anytime they want to.


It's disgusting dogs stay outside or a bullet to the head


We are not allowed BY LAW to say anything so just shut the *** up and get over it

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