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I had occasion to visit two of your stores in the last two weeks. Both stores were so hot that I cut my visit short. I went to the Shorter Avenue store and the Redmond Road store. I asked a clerk to turn up the air in one store and was told that she could not because it was controlled by the Corporate Office.

I think this is cruel to make employees work in these conditions. I would like to suggest that if this is indeed the policy that you try working for one day in these conditions and realize how horrible it is for the employees and for the customers.

I am a senior citizen and sweat easily and had just had my hair done on one visit and by the time I got to my car my hair was sweating all around the edge ruining my hair set.

Please consider turning up the air in your stores. Thank you, Martha Lewis.

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They are right about dg corp. controlling the thermostat remotely.

If it is as uncomfortable as you state, then maybe the store is having issues with the ac unit and need to report it on their e ticket site to fix it. If there isnt a problem, than by default i believe they are set to 72 degrees wich is a comfortable temp to MOST people.


IF you are really a senior citizen you shouldn't be complaining about store without air conditioning. I am 74 and it was the mid to late 60s when stores started getting air conditioning and guess what, the customers and employees managed to survive.

So what if your new hair style got ruined from sweat, that isn't a major catastrophe.

Some people would rather shop where it is too warm, than where it is too cold.

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