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Lincoln Alabama Dollar General. Visited store Saturday and today.

Shelves are not stocked and carts in the aisle with merchandise in boxes unopened. Needed Dove Soap and other cleaning items. Not on shelves. Also merchandise in closed boxes on some shelves.

Boxes on shelves unopened with names of items in boxes facing backwards. As if merchandise is not for sale.

Very disappointed. I have shopped this particular Dollar General for years, but until the store is stocked I will not return.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I wonder if the children that write these complaints ever consider that the reason that the items are not on the shelves is because they don't have them in stock? That the supplier in this case Dove can only sell a certain amount to stores so that everyone that sells their products gets a share. Nope probably not because the OP is an infant and still believes in the tooth fairy and Santa Clause and thinks that the manager can just wave a wand and items magically appear.

to Anonymous #1123385

Or stolen.

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