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When you are almost 70 yrs old to buy beer in Warsaw, Mo. on 7 hwy....first my son went in to buy it and he is 42 and doesn't carry his license in his swimming trunks so I go in and she rudly told me to go out and get my license to purchase any liquor....next time I will purchase all my items some where else.

That was totally uncalled for. We camp every other weekend in the summer and I know these people reconize all of our group who shops at this store...but absolutely no more...what a shame..

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It's not about how old someone looks. It's about showing I.D.

to prove your age. It's not about state, federal or local laws. DG says that it's too difficult to tell if someone is 21 or 17, so they card everyone.

If they didn't, then they open themselves up to age discrimination lawsuits. If you make a rule that includes everyone then you can't be sued.


No I understand the OP and their frustration. Most states require carding if the person could be under 40 (or 30).

If a cashier doesn't know what a person in their 70s looks like they have no business dealing with the public, because they lack the social skills and perception to get along in the world in general. I have never seen a 40 something with wrinkles and the look that a 70 year old looks like. I know the difference. You only go to jail when you sell to a minor.

70 is about as far from minor as it gets.

That's why I told DG to go feuck themselves when they asked for ID for my cigarettes. I'll go next door where they don't card because they have some god given sense.


It's sad that after 70 years on this planet you haven't figured out that corporations require their employees to follow rules. That rule in this case is that the cashier is required to card for cigarettes or beer every time those items are purchased whether that cashier knows you or not.

ATF agents do check periodically if retailers are checking I.D.'s.

If they are not, those retailers can lose their beer or tobacco licenses. In extreme cases, cashiers have been fired and jailed, if selling to underage persons.

to Anonymous #1363900

But some people think they're above the rules. It's not like they like carding a 70 year old.

They have to. Job security > angering a *** who thinks rules don't apply to them.

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