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This is about the Dollar General on the north side of Pampa, Texas I am 61 years old. Yet, every time, when I try to buy beer, or cigarettes, or who knows how many other "forbidden" items (like super glue) I am asked to show ID.

Many times, I'm on foot, or getting a ride from someone else. So, I am not carrying ID. More to the point, asking someone my age for ID, is considered to be an INSULT! This is not the old Soviet Union!

Still, that's not the whole story.

A few days ago, I just happened to stop at the local DG, for cigs. That day, the manager was running the register. So, I used that opportunity, to voice boiling resentment toward their "card everyone" policy. I was trying very hard, not to be abusive, while still showing my anger.

I never cussed, and I tried to make it clear, that my anger was toward the so-called "corporate policy", and not toward any employee. But, the manager simply refused to pass my complaint up to any higher authority. He then went on to say, that he and his crew were being constantly monitored by closed-circuit cameras, connected directly to corporate HQ (another policy that I find scary, insulting, and reeking of Big Brother).

Even worse, after I left the store--as I was heading across the parking lot---tyhe manager came out of the store, and yelled after me, "NEXT TIME, JUST SHOP AT WAL MART!" That was when I finally lost it, and yelled back, "A**HOLE!. Virtually no one in this town, over the age of 50, patronizes DG anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Close to my house.

I didn't like: Having to show id at age 61, Manager, Photo id policy, Employees.

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It is the retailers right to card anyone buying age restricted items. If you are buying age restricted items it is your responsibility to show proof of your age.

Seems like someone in their sixties would know this, especially since it has happened more than once. Also, they're is really no excuse to not carry your ID with you, even if your are not driving.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States #1157545

Carry your ID or dont get your stuff. Simple.

I find it hard to believe that someone doesnt carry their wallet or ID on them in the first place but whatever. The policy is the same as it has been everytime you have gone there and got "insulted" so why would you continue to harass the employees that are doing their jobs. Seems to me someone has a sad little life and wants to bi*** about something. Go online and gripe to corporate if their policy hurts your little feelings.

No one wants to lose their jobs or get write ups because of a sad person like yourself.

Trust me, they know you are old enough. Gripe to someone who can do something about it and frankly, someone who cares .


The are required by corporate to check everyone's I'd even elderly , otherwise if they don't the could get fired. But you don't care do you if you cost someone their job? Get over your entitled self.

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