Bonneau, South Carolina

On one of me visit to store #11507 at Bonneau, SC I asked to speak to a manager. The cashier failed to go to the back to get a manager or call them up front.

I wanted to ask that a certain product be requested to the Golden Flake delivery person. The cashier showed no interest in helping me! On my next trip a few days later I tried again. I began to ask the cashier who I needed to talk to about the Golden Flake pork skin rack and before I could even finish my request she cut me off.

She was talking on a portable phone (or cell phone) barely took the time to give me her short answer which did not answer my question. She said, "We only get what we are allowed to get." This sure wasn't a sensible answer and surely did not address my request. She (of course) couldn't know what I wanted since she didn't let me finish my sentence! She was so preoccupied with her phone call she seemed annoyed to have to pay me any attention at all!!

Prior to these two incidents I have always had friendly service with no complaints. My complaint on the two above mentioned visits is with the cashiers not the manager (I never got to talk to the manager!)

I wanted to request that the manager or whom ever could ask Golden Flake to leave some plain flavored pork skins strips. All they leave is red pepper flavored!

I didn't see where this was such an outlandish request! Not everyone wants PEPPER!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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Stores do not just order whatever the customer wants. Corporate tells them what to carry based on past sales.

Tampa, Florida, United States #836371

They only get what they are allowed to get. How is this so hard for you to understand?

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