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I went into a Dollar General Store in Mt Sterling KY around 8:00 pm on Thursday, 6/6/13 to get a couple of greeting cards. I picked my cards and went to check out.

No one was there. I looked around and couldn't find a worker. I went to my car to get some change and came back in...still no one there and people were starting to line up. Someone in line yelled "Hello?".

No one showed up. We waited. One customer at the back of the line walked down through the store and couldn't find anyone. By now there were about 5-6 people in line.

I yelled out "anyone working?" Still no answer. We waited some more. All the while this was happening, the door to the store was wide open. We could have just took our stuff and left and no one would have known.

Finally a young lady came from some where and mumbled something about she thought someone else was at the register. This doesn't seem to be the correct way to conduct business and I thought Dollar General should know. I don't really want to cause someone to lose their job, but, some sort of reprimand should be issued. I love shopping at Dollar General and will continue to do so.

I'm just a concerned consumer. Thank you for your time.

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Athens, Tennessee, United States #663498

we have to work the register and stock shelves and set pogs and change prices.put our ads and try not to get robed at night like i did while still running a register.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #661466

You are such a concerned consumer you had to go out to your car to get some change, before paying for the cards you wanted. Sounds mighty suspicious to me.

I'm sure there was a manager in the store, and it is very possible that the employee that you spoke with did think somebody else was up front.

to anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #661866

What are you implying?

to anonymous Culpeper, Virginia, United States #665007

Be nice!

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