I shopped at the dollar general in Livonia New York and noticed after shopping there for several minutes that the air conditioning wasn't on. After becoming so hot in the store I picked out a few items and decided to leave.

I asked the cashier why the air wasn't on and she said it has been broken for quite awhile.

Nobody should be working in those conditions the front door and a fan is not enough for relief from the heat. You should fix this problem right away not only for the customers but for the kind and pleasant employees at your store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

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Not only AC companies are busy, but conveniently pricey. Hard to say if the corporation is willing to pay for the repair, or if it's on the store.

Whatever any case, I do really like care for the employees as well with the customers. :)

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Why should the people on this site fix the problem? Has it ever occurred to you that this time of the year, air conditioning repair businesses, tend to be extremely busy? When my daughter got off work in a fast food place this afternoon, she remarked that their air conditioning wasn't working.

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