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Pricing problems began with the personal serving size bags of whole cashews, which had been $1.50 for many months, if not years. The two local DG stores I frequent had both dropped the price to $1.25.

I noticed a couple weeks ago that the price was still ringing up at $1.50 and brought it to the attention of the clerks in order to correct the pricing. This has now occurred twice at two separate stores, for a total of four different occasions. The latest was just today at DG store # 10909 in Masury, OH. When I informed the clerk (manager?) of the price discrepancy, she quipped that she had instructed another employee to change the price back to $1.50 (meanwhile, the price in the store still reflected $1.25).

This was a bizarre and lazy - changing a store price tag BACK to the older, higher price for expediency sake - response; and manager's(?) response assumes TWO stores made the same mistake in lowering the price of an item to an identically incorrect amount. Conversely, it seemed far more likely to me to be a problem with system pricing not matching in-store pricing instructions. During this same last visit, I also had a similar issue with soda pricing being thirty cents higher at checkout than what the "new pricing" signage reflected and specified (for 7-Up, Canada Dry, and A&W).

Unless the store itself is incorrectly making up these signs (including the details of which brands were eligible) , I would posit that corporate system pricing was not catching up with store instructions on pricing, and folks are getting the short end of the deal with higher costs at check out. A store can only be as good as its management allows, and it would be a better (less disappointing and more consumer oriented process) if store management were to verify price accuracy on the system (and get/force/request systems updated to accurately reflect in-store pricing) instead of speciously claiming the new lower prices were wrong and needed changed back to reflect the previous, higher prices.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cashews Nuts.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Managers proposed solution.

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Within the last month I received two coupons for $3 off after spending $15. Both of them supposedly were scan correctly but I did not receive my discount.

Don't offer a coupon if you're not going to honor it !!!!! Of course the clerk was clueless and didn't care. I recently visited the same store to buy my grandchild some small stocking stuffers for a school party. They were marked $1 But the clerk charged me $1.75 and of course he was clueless and did not care.

For years I've noticed they've cut that quantity and kept the price the same if not increased it. I find it best to just shop at Walmart at least they will try to help if the price is wrong.

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