Hempstead, Texas
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I have been going to Dollar General in Hempstead, TX (STORE #04810)for a month now looking for a product. The product is cat food.

Not some off the wall item that they should not have. Still NOTHING! The store is NEVER stocked. It is getting ridiculous!!!

There are boxes and boxes and boxes through out the isles. It is hard to even push a basket in that store. I asked a cashier when the store was ever stocked. She said that she didn't know and said "I guess when someone has time." That is BS.

You can not tell me that no one ever has time to stock the shelves in that store. Next time, I will be posting pictures of the chaos in that store.

They should really get it together since a new Family Dollar in opening before Christmas here. It is right across the street.

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Okay, lets get one thing straight. I hate Dollar General, just like the next person, but you have to realize something.

They only have TWO maybe THREE people working at a time, one has to stay in the front and keep an eye on people, keep an eye on the register, and deal with people who are too lazy to find something for themselves. The next person is in the back trying their hardest to bust that stock out of there but people don't know how to leave them alone and stop causing problems. Then, the third person, if they are even there, is going around trying to clean up after your sorry ***.

But, if there isn't a third person, your cashier has to make sure the store is clean, make sure everyone is finding things okay, make sure that the front of the store is stocked and listen to people *** at them for things they have no control over, and deal with people treating them like *** because they are "below" them because they don't have a "real job." So, before you ***, on this website, about how that store looks why don't you go try to do it? It's not an easy job.

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #902379

Today the sales paper said there would be Christmas inflatables on sale for $10.00. Went to every store in Morganton, Nc and not one store had one inflatable! FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!!!!!!!!

to Doodie #903591

Not every store has the items in the paper, it is a generic ad, for all the stores. Not false advertising, at all. Just because the store doesn't have the product, doesn't mean that it isn't the price the ad says.

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