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I am so sick of going into the Dollar General store in Lodi, WI. and not finding what I am there to shop for.

I have been in there every Saturday for the past month to buy regular Cheerios and there is none to be found. They also stopped selling Maxwell House International French Vanilla Cafe and Crystal light Peach tea. Why is this?? When I asked the manager about the Cheerios he said that they sell out really fast and that is why I am not finding them in the store.

Today I asked another gal that works there and she said that they haven't been in the shipments the past couple of weeks. They have oodles of Honey Nut but not the regular. You want to keep customers you aught to have what they want. When you ask you are always given the ring around by the Manager Robbie.

They need to keep things in stock and on the shelfs.

Very upset. I am getting to the point that I will stop shopping there and just spend my money at the Piggly Wiggly store in Lodi instead.

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Over cheerios. You are sad.

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