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I just experienced the worst customer service at General Dollar and as a result they lost $100 worth of sales from me based on customer service alone. I have been in customer service an extremely long time as a matter of fact I recruit people for employment for the customer service industry I know what it is and what it takes but some of the employees they hire I have to question what they are thinking.

There was a sign that said 50% off winter clothing & shoes so I thought wow what a great deal so i started loading up my buggie with clothing items, shoes, etc. as well as other products in the store based on the deals they had going on. One of the employees was extremely helpful I asked him sir when i get to the register will can the cashier double check to make sure these items are 50% off he said sure no problem if the sign says it then it is. I get to the register and as im standing there the cashier is about 3 feet away from me putting merchandise away pretty much was ignoring the fact that i was evening standing at the register it wasn't until other people started getting in line is when he finally came.

So i asked can you please check to see if two items are 50% wanted to make sure before I purchased. This guy proceeds to pull out his phone (no eye contact) and starts texting on his cell phone (pretty much ignoring me yet once again) so he decides to walk over to the shoe section comes back and says its 50% off with blue dot items can't you read? (Mind you its in tiny print to the point you can't see that information) I said well this item has no dot at all can you please scan and check I also asked well it also says all winter items 50% off he then with a nasty attitude says yeah thats for the clothes as well (its not what he said its how he said it) i said well then never mind don't worry about checking the price as a matter of fact don't even worry about ringing any of my items up I will take my business else where. Even other customers were baffled by his attitude one customer even said to me that's how they get you.

You see a sign it says 50% to get your attention but the tiny print that you can barely see says something else. I told the lady its not even about that it's about his attitude and how he is rude and non-helpful. So i turned the buggie around left it right where he was putting merchandise away so he can put back everything i put in there away. I went to the other guy who was helpful in the back and thanked him for his customer service and helpfulness and I apologized to him if he would have to be the one to put those items back because my cart was full but i was not going to tolerate ignorance or a nasty attitude and if that cashier does not like his job he needs to quit.

That gentleman apologized to me on behalf of his co-worker in which i appreciated.

So i left the store and went down the street to the family dollar store where I was greeted upon walking in & the workers there were extremely friendly & helpful & they got my money. I will NEVER go to that dollar general again or any other dollar general store again they need to take pointers from the workers who work at Chick-fil-A..

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Winchester, Virginia, United States #1263172

The "cell phone" he pulled out was probably not a cell phone at all, but what's called an HHT...which is what employees are forced to do price checks on, per corporate.

All of the signs at Dollar General are clearly marked, in letters big enough for everyone to read. It's unfortunate that most customers just see the 50% off part and run with it, then get mad when they're called out on it.

to Anonymous Jamestown, Tennessee, United States #1269122

Thank you, I get really sick if customers telling me to "get off my phone" and then I have to explain that it's a price checker.

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