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On jan 1, 2017 I went to the dollar general in caddo mills tx, they had a sign on the drink shelf for dr pepper 12 packs 3 for $9. The sign said the sale starts Jan 1 thru Jan 9.

Not one pack of drinks on the shelf. I asked the cashier why there are no 12 packs on the shelf. She said "They didn't leave us any." I said if there is a sale the items should be there. Order more of the item if needed so there is enough for the sale for crying out loud!!

I was there the first day at 8:40 am. I went back Jan 2, at 9:4 5, there still was no drinks on the shelf, I asked a DIFFERENT cashier why there still are no drinks, she was rude and snotty and said " They deliver Monday and Thursday, I don't know what else to tell you." I again told her that's awful to have a sale and for 2 days the item is not there. She was very rude. I asked when she thought they might actually get some and she said "Sometime today." Oh my gosh, I would love to slap the smart aleck out of her, I will never ever ever ever enter that *** store ever again and it is the only store in this small town so I have to drive miles when this is convenient.

There is one employee there who is polite and friendly, the others, especially the old gray haired thing is rude as all get out. For crying out loud order enough freaking supplies for your sales or just don't do sales at all. I am furious about this.

Shouldn't they be bending over backward doing anything they can to get items in the store for their customers and stop lying to us about some "sale" that apparently does not even exist. *** store, *** employees, stupic managers, *** owners.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Never as advertised or lack of ad items.

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Jamestown, Tennessee, United States #1269121

I would also like to mention that as a DG key holder it is my job to put up the ad at the start of the week (if I am the one working that day) and I am told to put up the ads where they go even if the product is not on the shelf. This is not my fault, I'm doing what was asked of me by the store manager..

Houston, Texas, United States #1268761

Complain to the vendor instead.

Clinton Township, Michigan, United States #1265100

Wow! What an entitled ***!

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1268035

hey, I spoke to the district manager and he said there are things the store can do to be sure stock is in the store for sales and that he has told the store numerous times to do these things and they don't. He said it is the store that is not making sure stock is there, that they are to call the vendor for special sale events and they are not doing that, I did speak to the manager then spoke to the district manager, he said the store can get vendors to come and supply for sales.

I went to a different store in a different town with the same sale and they had 2 shelves of stock out. I am not entitled, I am not rude, I am a shopper who would like my local store to have sale items, they did not for at least the first 2 days of this sale, and this is a constant problem at this store. Would you accept constant advertised sales at Walmart or Kroger or anywhere else with not one of the sale item in the store?

And one certain employee at this store when we asked him he went to the back one time to look and brought us 3 cartons, we also have seen the local KOA come get rolling carts of drinks and then none for customers. This store does not care about serving its customers

Monticello, Arkansas, United States #1264949

I would have been rude to you as well. Why?

Because you get what you give. The cashier has nothing to do with the inventory flow. If you were that upset about it, you should have asked to speak with a manager. The Dr.

Pepper vendor brings all Dr. Pepper products to the store, and even if the store manager asks for additional stock to cover a sales add, it is still up to the vendor to place, complete, and deliver said order. With vendor products it is really out of the store staffs hands. As far as the cashiers being rude, I don't believe they were based on what you posted.

It seems like you went in on the defensive to begin with.

Both times they answered your question to the best of their ability, but since you did not like the answer, you deemed then as rude. I bet you are a delight to have around.

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1268054

I told the ladies at the store "You have no Dr. Pepper on the shelf and they are on sale." When they said they didn't leave us any and don't know what else to tell me I said "That is terrible when you have a sale and you keep not having any on the shelf." I was not verbally rude but yes my thoughts were loud and rude.

I did say "IF there is a sale the store needs to have some on the shelves." I did not raise my voice, I did not call names, they did not raise their voices. I left the store and don't intend to go back. This no stock for sales is a constant problem there.

I went to a different store and they had 2 shelves of item in that store. And I spoke to the district manager who said the stores can do things to be sure stock is there for sales and they have been told to do them and they don't.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1264743

You kind of sound like an arrogant retard.

Muncie, Indiana, United States #1264344

Look at you! Acting all big (which you probably are) and tough by berating Dollar General employees that have zero say in when product shipments are made! Also, if your comment is any indication whatsoever, you are the stereotypical obnoxious dollar store customer.

to off***sumer***ed Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1264473

somebody in that store orders products, you don't start a sale on sunday when the delivery doesn't come til sometime Monday. You either order extra for the sale to cover it or don't start the sale til the merchandise is available. I am not obnoxious, I am the one who never says or does anything, just got fed up because this happens way too much there.

to Anonymous Orange, Texas, United States #1264490

Hey we don't order that ***, it is a vendor item which means a vendor orders it and brings it to the store. If they don't it's not our fault. So get over it.

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1264506

Everytime Dr Pepper is on sale there is none on the shelf. Shouldn't the manager tell the vendor to bring more.

And, where is customer service in this store? Doesn't exist, this happens all the time where no sale item is in the store, if a vendor orders it then the vendor can order more to cover any sale, so you can get over it, and vendors have nothing to do with employee rudeness, this is not the first time.

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1268056

I talked to the district manager and he said it is a vendor item but there are things the store can do to be sure a sale is supplied and this store has been told by him to do these things and they are not, he said they can contact the vendor for extra stock and delivery, other stores have stock available but repeatedly this store does not have sale items. The district manager said it is up to the store to be sure they get supplies

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1279618

District manager said that the store manager can do something to a vender item that is on sale and also the Dr Pepper delivery man said they could to

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