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On March 25, 2018 my 4 year old son fell over a step ladder in isle at dollar general, he fell straight down on concrete floor. He had a gash in his hand and several bad bruises.The manager actually asked me if I wanted to fill a form out.

I was contacted by a claims representative name Josh Graham number(615-855-5080). I was horrified at way I was treated. You would think I would have been the person getting angry. This man was down right rude and disrespectful.

He was yelling and somehow came up with his own details of what happened. This man had the nerve to say I left my child alone on a isle by himself which is totally not true, how can you just say something like that. I told him to watch the tape, I would never do that. He had no sympathy for my son at all.

Told me this incident was not even worth a $25 gift card.

He said so many rude things to me I hate to even repeat.I just can't believe they are allowed to talk to people like this. I'm still shocked, I have heard horror stories from former employees but now I guess I know.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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well I think it’s pretty obvious you were not watching your child..


FAKE!!! This never happened.

to Anonymous #1557420

Actually it’s not Josh Graham is a little *** Anyone have personal information on this guy?

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