On January 07, 2013 I went into store 231 on veterans blvd. in Kenner, Louisiana 70062 (STORE NUMBER 1841) One of the new location. When I first enter the store A girl was at the front by the register, I must say she was very friendly and she did greet me properly and other customers that walk in behind me.I start to walk a round to check out things in the store. The shelves was not all that fully stock , but they was okay. I then hard a very loud person in the store talking to another person about hardware she pointed the customer to the hardware Alis, I then start too walk behind her she really did not notice me, she was a employee that work their. I then walk a round some more I ran across a guy was a employee their as while he was tall had brownish, black hair, his back was turned and he was putting something back on the shelves, you can definitely see his boxers showing his pants was not pull all the way up, very unprofessional. I then approach him with a question, I ask him how long the store been here. He said for about 2months or a little longer, with his back turned, He really showed he did not want to answer any of the questions I was asking him. He seem very jumpy and impatient. I then ask him where was Health and beauty, he said look it's that way straight to the back I said where to the back. He final turned a round and said god.I look at him and said never mind. His eye's was blood shot red. He seem like I was stopping him from with he was doing. I thought customers came first, not only that I think something was wrong with him . I think drugs are being use with the employee's their. I been in retail for over 20years I been in management, loss prevention and now I'm mystery shopper for department stores.. I know for sure something is wrong with this employee. I think this store need to be randomly tested (NOW)!!! When I just could not take it any more, I went to the cashier and ask her who is the store manager of this store, she said oh she right there, she was talk on her cell phone the store manager. I ask the cashier what is her name, she said oh, her name is (Roxie).I said thank you. I really think this store need to be under investigation. Due to the employee I ran across. I did not worry to get his name the store manager name is all I needed from the cashier. This store have not been open all that long, and the district manager need to do his work with management. We need honest employees not some one who may be under the influence of using drugs... This store definitely is off to a bad started. If you have people working like this in retail where is the honesty. This store definitely need to be reworked..... I feel for the people who really want jobs, and love with they do.

Anonymous Shoppers 24

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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Waycross, Georgia, United States #602276

There is a dress code for DG and it does not include any boxers or any other kind of undergarments hanging out or pants hanging down past your ***. This sales associate needs to take pride in his job AND his appearance. Also DG does have secret shoppers that do come in and check for things like friendly customer service which he obviously did not receive.


You are a very sick person.Your grammer is *** poor.WTF.People like yourself should be arrested for even thinking about posting any type of complaint against anyone.One question?Are you on some type of meds?If not,You need to be.Seriously.


Amen!! The *** cant even spell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to Anonymous Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #596069

Can't believe

the spelling and grammar

Can't take this comment

too seriously. Complainer needs to go back to grade school. How awful!

to mickie #596073

No way in the world could this "mystery shopper" work for ANYONE. I would not have this person work for me in any capacity.

Pitiful. How are they getting along in the world with speech like this. This person employed----laughable.

A mystery shopper should turn you in for remedial language classes!!!!! Showed your complaint at work and all had a good laugh!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #595839

A lot of men wear "baggie" pants that let their underwear show. It doesn't look nice, but it isn't really any of your concern.

His blood shot eyes could have been due to an allergy of some kind. Your grammar and spelling leave way too much to be desired, for you to have ever been in management or even worked with the public in retail. I also don't believe that you are a mystery shopper for department stores.

Dollar stores aren't department stores by any stretch of the imagination. Therefore, IF you are actually a mystery shopper, you had no business going into a dollar store and acting like some smart *** big shot.

to anonymous #843333

Anybody men r women who wear Baggie pants with the underwear showing should not work in public it shows disrespect to all other people who wear there clothes the right way pulled up not hanging down so the underwear is showing and sometimes there butt crack they would not work I'm a store that I was in charge of because all stores have a dress code and if you don t want to go by the dress code I guess you can get on Welfare and let them pay your bills because you don t need to work in public if you can t go by dress code that's what is wrong with this

Place. Today People don't want to go by the laws and rules.

we need to teach our children about laws and dress ruled likey gilt taught me I have a grandson that likes to west Baggie pants but not at my house.

He doesn't t not while he is with me he doesn't t so if you don't like the laws and rules in the Good Ole USA go to another Country. And live there

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