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My mother and,I walked into the Dollar General in the eastside on 4th st. Pueblo,CO 81001, around 7p.m. No longer then 5min of us being in the store, the man running the the store/manager maybe, had made a comment to a fellow female employee, and I quote, ''keep an eye on that'' she responds ''which one?...oh ok got it.'' while my mother and I had over heard while looking at the word searches and coloring books. We immediately felt offended but continued to look around as the two workers took turns following us the store. It did make us feel quite offended and a bit discriminated against, being that there was plenty of other customers in the store, yet we were the only two that the workers seemed to have some sort of problem with the moment we walked in the store.So after both my mother and I feeling insulted, my mother placed all but one item down, and went to pay as I tried to finish my shopping. But before she could pay for the one item, the female worker demanded to check her and her purse. Which might I add was no bigger than an 8'' by 5'' purse. What could she have possibly put in there, honestly? My mother agreed to let the woman check her and her tiny purse, and of course found nothing.I finished my shopping a couple minutes later and was approaching the register to pay and again being humiliated in front of the entire store, the woman demanded to check me and again my mother, before I had even reached the register to purchase my three items. Before I was even given the chance to open my purse for her, she was already loudly accusing me a thief. While she aggressively grabbed my arm and began to tug and pull my purse away from me, being extremely violent with rage in her eyes. I became very afraid for myself not allowing her to take my personal belongings, she put her elbow up at my chest pushing me back into the display table and then the checkout stand. While all the time the other worker did nothing but watch as she was violently yelling in my face, pushing and shoving me around trying to take my purse from me. The employee was too outraged to even hear me. I was telling her I would allow her to open and look in my purse if she had let go and stopped shoving, but could not get it through to her, because of her very violent, and extremely unprofessional actions she forced upon me.The male worker threatened to lock us in and call the police, so we stated ''yes, please call the police!'' So shortly after he forced her to let go for a brief moment as I then opened my purse for them both to look in and around, more then once, because she kept assuming there was something in there and again began to shove me and tug at my purse. While all the other customers looked on, she still continued at me acting as if she was going to strike me in the face. The male employee clearly seen that I had nothing and again forced her to let go.We finally managed to get out of the store without even being allowed to purchase my items. As we were leaving, the male employee or so called manager chased us down and apologized for his fellow employee's actions, and yet refused to give us either of their names. Although we had seen his name tag that said Robert, which the female worker did not even have one on.My mother and I feel famination


Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: emotionally & physically assulted.

Preferred solution: Compensation for our emotional distress and defamation of character under the Tort Law.

I liked: Convenient location, Some of prices.

I didn't like: Rudeness, Threat, Poor consumer relations, Being stereo typed, Cleanliness.

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Personally I know that even as Employees of Dollar General - it is even stated in the training videos we have to watch when first hired that as an employee you are considered a thief just by walking in the door, as it stated in the training video that 70% of their losses where supposedly from Employees! So I can understand and feel your total disgust with your experience at this store!

Personally, speaking as an employee, I would never ever shop at a Dollar General, as we as Employee's have to have Receipts on our person or with any item that Dollar General stores sell AND that other stores also sell PROVING that what ever is on our person, is NOT from Dollar General. If I had EVER an Encounter such as what you Experienced I would file a complaint with your State's Better Business bureau and even gone as far as YES calling the police and also filing charges personally against the Store and also those Employees! As this behavior is totally out of line for any Company!!

and I would have left anything and everything I had intended on purchasing on the counter, snapped a photo of it all with my phone and blasted it out on Social Media!

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