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I have experienced shopping at leat a dozen different locations between Tenn.,S.C. N.C Tampa Sarasota Blue Ridge Ga.

Atlanta etc etc NEVER had a complaint GOOD,Professional, quality, and service. However the closet to my home is COPPERHILL Tn. The most diorganized operation I have ever encountered in my life This is not just a recent problem But has been going on for a long long period of time

PROBLEM No matter what day but particuly Fidays every other the store has carts of merchandice everywhere. unattended no one unloading the merchandise just sitting there.

you may have to go down two or three more aisle to get around the store Today all the toys in the toy section scattered on the floor no one around IF I had known where to send the pictures I would have taken pictures to send to you. Today I asked why?? and I was essentially told DO NOT ASK.

You need to investigate and it will not matter which day you do it . The incovience is appalling

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #623656

Who do you want to go and inspect the store? It really isn't any of your business.

If you don't like the store, quit shopping there.

to anonymous Lancaster, Wisconsin, United States #623766

The company need to know it has a problem As a former fortune 500 CEO I would have appreciated kn owing signing ANONYMOUS implies you are difunctional also or you have your head up you k now where

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