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This store needs to get a new store manager. It is a message.

Floors covered with stock. Shelves very very unorganized.

I want this store to succeed since it saves me travel. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!

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If it’s so important to you then get a job there and fix it. Oh but ppl like you can whine but when it comes to understanding WHAT you are whining about, well that’s a different story now isn’t it.

Let me clue you in. There is this matrix they MUST follow called LABOR. For YOU to get all that merchandise SO CHEAP some costs have to be cut. The biggest they can make is to labor.

This means that a standard store will only have TWO EMPLOYEES working. Maybe 3. So you have 2-3 ppl doing the work of 6-8 AND having to ring up customers. Then add onto the load they have to deal with above and beyond the daily mess that their corporate masters give them, they have to deal with customers who make messes and do NOT clean them up.

Maybe have a little pity for the HUMAN BEINGS that have a hard and horrible job to do. Maybe YOU can do some front and face for free. Or better yet SPEND MORE MONEY IN THE STORE!! If the corporate masters see the store making money they will give the store MORE LABOR!!!

You’re whining about it DOES NOT help in any way! Do you think for one moment that the mucky mucks in charge DONT KNOW? Of corse they know!!!! That’s how they stay in business.

Screwing their employees, demanding far too much out of people they barely pay. And then they get to deal with people like you..........

to Durpa #1503821

Labor costs have nothing to do with the proper expectations of the customer. Having few staff is not an excuse for a messy store.

We as the customer have to right to decent stores, regardless of the number staff on hand. If it's messy it is due to negligence and poor performance.


OP:What do you mean by it is a message?How is a store a message?Since you want the store to succeed, do you Really think that anyone from Dollar General Actually reads the website?It would be much better to actually send their Corporate Headquarters a letter explaining your complaint.

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