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I just found metal shards in clover valley %100 grape juice.i have been drinking this for a week and i just discovered the shards in the bottom of the container.I have read another post i this site that said this incident was reported on march 14 and this product is still o the shelves.If this causes me health problem im going to sue

Product or Service Mentioned: Clover Valley Juice.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It’s April 23, and I just found metal shavings at the bottom of the jug!


Here is how you prove it. You go into the store with a good magnet.

You grab a manager and show them that just by using said magnet in a upopened bottle you get metal shards. Otherwise there is NOTHING that can be done as you could have placed them there yourself. Not saying you did but the American consumer has used everything they can think of and do to get that free money. You can’t blame them if they don’t believe you.

It’s sounds preposterous enough as it is because of all the filters they use on juices.

So that will prove it to them so they can address the issue. Unless they see it with their own eyes or someone dies they won’t budge.


I just found the metal fragments in my grape juice as well. You can't see it until you get just about finished the container and the damage has been done. I think from now on........I'll just stick with Welches grape juice.

to CCP70 #1463437

We just found metal also! My husband started choking and when we looked in his glass, shiny sediment on bottom. Got the Clover Valley Grape Juice bottle and there was more shiny sediment on bottom!!!


So you give them 2 stars? Why wait sue now?

You could have died hello.

Are you American? Oh yeah you are 2 stars for metal shards huh


Not only that there is worms in the rice at dollar general disgusting store. Don't shop there it's simple.

Oh wait your American. Its not simple for you your dumb and need discounts and coupons. Hahah!

Save 20 cents that's how stupid you are. Someone close dollar general down where's the health inspector?

to Recived stds from dg #1449564

Leave it up to a dumb *** like you to say sum stupid ish.its not about being American,They have a bad product on their shelve and they need to take it down.i don't hate dollar general because I never had a problem with them before.Now as for j I'm pretty sure you are a total screw up and you don't have any type of social life,so from me to you f u.

to Anonymous #1450439

nothing to do with American? the product is American?

is it not? you're American? The product was already known for metal shards as you can see from another post.

So its not there fault? ha it is.

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