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Why is it every time I need to see a manager they are unavailable or in a meeting or gone to lunch?. I was in the Dollar General Merchant store in Labelle Florida and had a problem, I ask to see the manager and was told he was at lunch so I ask to see the assistant manager and was told she was at lunch, why are the only two managers at lunch at the same time?

This is an ongoing problem at this store, the assistant manager cant do anything without be rude or saying the manager has to address the problem, the manager can't seem do anything with the assistant manager right under his butt, if he was stop short she would run right up his behind, I am sick of the poor manager service in this store and Corporation doesn't seem to take complaints serious. If these two so called managers can't function with being together maybe Corp. needs to move one of them to another store so the customer gets some service. I am placing this on our local town website as well as my facebook page so others know someone else out there is getting the run around from these people.

Corporation needs to get on the ball before they lose all the decent customers to Wal-Mart or Family Dollar, as for me I will not shop this store until Corporation separate the Siamese twins so we get the service we need. One final comment, these two can't stay off the sidewalk smoking by the entrance , I don't smoke and have no desire to smell like a bar when I go shopping, they are paid to serve the customer not spend the day smoking outside.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Houston, Texas, United States #1245381

It's federal law that they get a lunch break , also if they want a smoke break they are allowed one and lastly there is always a key carrier (low level manager ) there that can assist your whiny, annoying self entitled , *** of a perosn . Get over it and die already.

to Anonymous #1461601

That's the most ridiculous reply I have read thus far. There's no such thing as a "smoke break", and regardless of what a clerk/mgr.

may want, DG does NOT recognize "smoke break". Key holders are the Manager On Duty and carry a great deal of responsibility. There must ALWAYS be either a manager or a key holder on duty.

Finally, what the heck is "get over it and die already" supposed to mean? How about this one for you, grow up already!

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