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I went to shop at the dollar general in marysville pa.. there was an employee that was coming in and she was trying to sign in.

Her manager walked up to her ( older lady ) and started yelling at her employee. Not only was she yelling at her employee she was cursing. By the time she was done yelling, the poor employee was in tears and trying to ring up my items. We were upset about the entire thing.

We could also hear the manager yelling in the back of the store at another employee. She was very rude...using the f word.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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manger was very wrong to yell in-front of you. but you did nothing to stop it.

you should really tell on her. nothing will ever change if nobody knows about it.

i refuse to let any one to yell at me like that. a mangers or costumers.


You have absolutely no idea what the reason were for the manager yelling. Unless you have walked in the manager's shoes, you can't judge.

Also if the older employee was in tears over being chewed out, she has no business working. A person has to be mature in order to work and put up with the hassle.

Exactly why were you upset over it-------------it wasn't you getting chewed out. If the employee was so upset about the situation, she could have walked out.

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