Last night, around 8-9pm (8-8-2013)at the dollar general market in Hanceville, Alabama, four of my sisters went in to buy our mother birthday presents. Their ages: 18, 16, 14, and 12.

As they scanned the aisles looking for a gift, they realized a man, that worked there (looked like the manager) was watching and following them. He looked at them in a hateful way but did not approach them at first. My sisters started to get scared because he was freaking them out. They continued to try to shop but he followed them in a threatening way.

Finally the oldest, 18, asked what he wanted. He approached the four them and while continually glaring at the two youngest, asked all of them if they had anything to tell them before he called the police. The oldest asked him if he thought he had seen one of them stealing but he did not reply just continued to drill his eyes into the littlest sister, 12. The girls proceeded one by one to show him their pockets, and empty their purses, all the while assuring him they didn't steal.

(The were headed to church and band camp by the way) when the littlest sister opened her purse he took her USED deodorant and started sniffing it. Then he turned to the next sister (14) and announced loudly that she (glaring and pointing his finger) had been BANNED from the store before for shop lifting with a tall skinny blonde lady! (She is homeschooled and hardly ever gets out much less to shop and we don't even know any tall skinny blonde ladies). The 14 year old sister tried to show him her purse and he denied her saying she didn't need to even be there.

My sisters continued to tell him to call the police and he would not. He TERRIFIED THEM. Nothing was stolen!

and by his behavior it seems like he mistook my sisters as other people and hounded them with out seeing evidence of theft whatsoever! I would consider his behavior harassment and false accusation and someone needs to address this situation immediately!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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