First I should start with where the location is that the trouble started.

It started at store#12898.

I had been shopping in there for about 3 years. Everything was fine no problems, all the coupons I was using were being paid. The manager was Candice and Mr. Jeffry was the district manager. A few times we had to call him to approve or disapprove of a coupon issue.

Well, Candice quit an went on too her new job. Meanwhile they had two or three managers an just as many cashiers come an go. I always introduced myself as the coupon lady an told them to be an turn all coupons in an if they ever had a problem let me know.

Now here is where it gets awful. The manager they hired didn't turn in coupons for about 6 or 7 weeks. Also she was doing unethical things with time cards. Needless to say she went on vacation an never came back. After that the new manager kirk treated me awful an told the employees I was a thief an a fraud an I figured out how to beat the system. I was being punished because he had a huge dollar amount of coupons to turn in because his employee didn't.

He also has told all the other stores in the surrounding area the same things making them afraid to wait on me. Just defamation of character every where I go.

On my behalf I will only say this to you.

Check how far your sales dropped since he has been there an most important of all check how coupons came back unpaid. I have cheated no one an feel this is a great injustice to myself as well as dollar general. If he didn't get paid for coupons that didn't get turned in how is that my fault.

Oh yes one more thing on the beating the system his new "friend" an manager is the one who told his employees to go ahead billion dollar company's won't know an in reality I emphasized to him an other employees to only use the amount specified in one transaction an to not at all misuse are except proctor gamble coupons that had red warning on them unless they were exactly for that product .So you see it was his manager Craig, (I think is his name) that told them go ahead no one will know! I only gave them coupons I did not tell them to misuse them.

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