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She does not no how to address the coustmers. Every time I shop at the store she is not friendly.

When I asked for the number to corporate I was given the wrong number. This person seem like she hate her job. I work what customer every day and make them feel welcomed when they in leave out 100 % customer service so maybe there a customer service class she attend.

I believe that every person working with the public she be customer friendly. Whenever I have been in a store I always have to leave without making my purchases I do not believe in spending my money where I am not welcomed

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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You have extremely poor spelling and grammar skills. Before you complain about what you think other people are doing wrong, you should make sure your own door step is clean.

There is no law that says the employees of a store has to be friendly. If they do their job appropriately that is all that is necessary. Just because you THINK you make customers feel welcome where ever you work, doesn't mean that they. I know a lot of people that when they are shopping want to shop and not waste time being greeted by employees and could care less if they are asked if they found everything, and even being told "thank you, have a nice day." You know good and well that a stranger doesn't care if you have a nice day or not.

It really annoys me when I pay for a purchase with a check and the employee thanks me using my first name.

If they don't personally know me, they have no business using my first name, as far as that goes they don't have to use any part of my name. All these little niceties that you complain about not receiving wastes time.

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