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The manager position at the Dollar General (#9218) in Claremont,NC. may not be such a bad job.

It seems the current manager has time to go outside and smoke 15 to 20 times a day. He even has a chair outside so he can relax. Also I understand he likes to hire females (with plenty of cleavage) or family members such as first cousins. I heard there is a new district manager so maybe something will be done to curb the waste.

Seems like upper management has a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

Well there`s my two cents.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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lls what do you expect out of a minimum wage job. and do you ever think about how many hours you are working for FREE due to the income taxes that all american workers have deducted out of their checks.

The least he can do is take 20 cigg breaks a day other wise its slavery.

you gotta think about the real world. we all work for free so we shall all have some leeway.

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