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This complaint is relavant to a manager in an iowa dollar general store located in Lake City ,Iowa.There have been instances where I have called the retail store in this location and my call was dropped by the manager.I have called in several times and wished to speak to this particular person regarding this matter. I am always told he is not in or not available.

I then have to take my own personal time and go to the store to find this manager actually present. I have heard the manager degrade employees in front of customers. Another issue is when I havetalked with this person on several occasions they have smelled of alchohal.

As this person being a male ;he seems to show a great interest to the young women. As a customer I find these actions disturbing and unethical.His district manager has been made aware of some of these issues but I do not feel that they have been addressed;as his behavior and actions still continue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sounds good, he likes hot girls. I do too,

You sound like a *** I wouldn't want to talk to u either


Why don't you mind your own *** business. Is that too difficult to understand.

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