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I used to enjoy shopping at Dollar General for the convenience, value and quick check-out. However, on my last visit, Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at approximately 6:00 p.m.

to the Dollar General located at 453 West Commercial Street, East Rochester, NY, the so called "manager", Bob, FOLLOWED ME THROUGHOUT THE STORE!!!! This is not acceptable. True, I stopped in after going to the gym (and was wearing sweats and sneakers) but the "manager" Bob's Mickey Mouse SURVEILLANCE WAS UNWARRANTED!!!! There is NO NEED TO MAKE HONEST CUSTOMERS TO FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE OR TO BE TREATED LIKE A CRIMINAL!!!!


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in the managers defense he was likely only doing this because corporate thinks most everyone steals. If he was not seen following you -- he might have been fired for not protecting company assets....Some DM's are this its more likely the culture of the company not the individual

I have seen manager written up because they did not follow such customers

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