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We went to your store at 654 S Broadway Salina Kansas store # 12254. We got what we wanted we went to pay the lady was so nice. I did not know that if you swipe you debit card before they hit total it would freeze up there system so I did that (oops). The manager Jody was called on the radio he did not respond after a few min. aprox. 5 min later the cashier saw him and got him to come over.He came up and loudly said to the cashier " You have to tell them not to swipe till after you hit total.This happens all the time. " His tone of voice was rude and condencending to the cashier . He also made sure he said it so I could hear him and the other customers. I do not care how he spoke to me but the cashier was doing great she did not deserve to be talked down to like that. He was acting like she was just wasting his time and I am sorry but I have been a manager in a retail store and if I had talked to one of my employees like that I would have been in trouble. I left and the more I thought about it the more mad I got so I called and told him there is no way she can ring people up properly and do her job and make sure people don't swipe there card and even if she did catch them before they got it swiped the customer would more then likely think she is just being rude and that he needed to put a sign up to let us (the customers) know.He said he would. I asked him for the phone number and I am still going to call. That was totally unprofessional!!

Rachel / Troy

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Cashier.

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