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im very concerned about the dg store 3496 in greenbrier tn,when you go in the shelves are pretty emptied.when you ask why there is nothing on the shelves they say its because payroll is always being cut.i think it would be beswt to give the employes the hours to stock the shelves.dg is a big company so its best to get the merchandise on the shelves instead of sitting in the back.if you want to get customers in the store they have to be able to get what they need are they will go somewhere else ,so dont be so tight with payroll money and givr the employees r

their hours.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #626685

Well Mr./Ms. know it all, if you are so perfect, why didn't you use any capitals, missed some punctuation, you also want to know why there is nothing on the shelves----it should be why isn't anything on the shelves, you also have the word beswt in there, whatever that means, employees was spelled employe, instead of having two "ee"s, your grammar also leaves a lot to be desired.

What makes you think the employees are sitting in the back? More than likely when a lot of the shelves are almost empty, it is because a shipment is late arriving.

The employees make whatever is minimum wage for the state you live in, or just a little bit more. That is the way almost all retail stores work.

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