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I worked for the Dollar General for 7 months and i dated the bosses son i was made assistant manager after 2 months of being there and the boss treated me good till i left her son then she made it hard on me so i tried to get a transfer and she gave me a bad reference. and during the time after i left her son i was still working for her and a complaint was made and it wasn't true they took the customers word over mine which i might add was one lady they said i said things i didn't and for that i was put in the system under non-rehirable and i cant work at any Dollar General again and i want to fight this i don't think it is right that my career be ruined due to this allegation which weren't true.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dollar General Corporation Manager.

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Be glad you don't work at this blood sucking place anymore. Bravo to you - you can do better.

#209325 NEVER should've dated the son, what did you do to the boss to get should be ashammed!


umm FYI you shouldnt have been able to become an assistant store manager anyway, what with you dating their son and you could have been fired.

oh, and what did you get fired for? because it sure wasnt one customer complaint. but if it was just that one complaint, then it would have stayed in your personnel file even if they left you with a "re-hirable" you wouldnt have been hired.

trust me, i was an ASM too.

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