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I live in a small town - we have a grocery store, a drug store and Dollar General. It is the Christmas Season yet when you try to shop the Dollar General in Richwood Nicholas Co WV there is very little stock left (must have have one profitable Black Friday).

The impression I get is that there will be no more incoming stock before Xmas.

This store has been out of Xmas lights and other things since the first of the month. You need to take a serious look at the Corporate Department in charge of ordering and shipping to the local stores....if you don't have it on the shelves you can't sell it...and people end up shopping elsewhere.,

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That's not the fault of the individual store. Take it up with corporate. The store managers rarely actually have any say in what sock comes to their shelves.


Regular everyday items are replenished every weeek -- unless its discontinued it is usually replenished in the next order cycle (so it should be received within two weeks) unless its was not worked from the backroom. Seasonal items are not neccessarily replenished regularly.

IF there is product left is the DC (Warehouse) then it may be filled in depending on sell-thru and levels set by corporate (Sometimes the DM can try to have more sent). Sommetimes with New stores they do not get the Seasonal distribution right until two seasonals have past.

I believe trees & wrapping paper are the only Christmas items they "packaway"

Bottom line - once the intial distribution is over -- you may or may not get additional stock -- not all store receive same amount or all of same sku's. (one store may get only one case while another may get 5 or more.)


I also use to work for Dollar General. They will only get one large shipment of holiday supplies before a certain holiday.

Once it is sold out, it's gone. I DID work around Christmas time, and I can tell you our store was sold out of many of the supplies weeks before Christmas even came. When it was time for us to pull our Christmas supplies back, all we had left was a few trees and wrapping paper....

and YES, they DO store it in the back until next year. They push other holiday stuff (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter) out the door though by marking it down to 25%, 50% the next week, 75% the week after that, 90% the last week, and then donate the rest to a charity or pitch it in the dumpster.


I used to work for Dollar General Do not let them convince you of that ***. WE weould get a new shipment in every Saturday and all our christmas items were kept in back until a week before christmas. Most of the time Management was to *** lazy to go into the back and look


And if it does not sell it sits in storage for a year. Then you wont want to buy it next year because it has last years wrapper on it. Then the overall cost of everything goes up so they can try to recover their loss. Next thing that happens is some small town whine bag complains because the price has gone up and goes to another store any way. Then the store that actually loses money but is there for the benefit of the town goes under. Then the small town can not support itself and people start moving out. After that property values drop and this small town whine bag can not sell their house and has to go into foreclosure. Their life keeps getting worse and worse. Finances, credit, homeless...


All because a small town whine bag complains about freakin Christmas lights.

Do everyone a favor and shoot yourself

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